Fete Style Games

Each of these activies are great for Fetes, Fundays, Fundraising events, as well as just for fun at your own party.

We have many different activies on this page, and you can really find things both modern and classic. 

We will supply what you want from here subject to availability, However you might also like to look in the package's section where you can find some great packages at a lower rate making your money go further and also giving you a better chance to make a nice good amount of money.

Please note these games are priced differently when in a package to on their own, please contact us with your needs

Inflatable Hoopla

A modern take on a classic game.  This great inflatable hoopla is a real eye catching piece of kit.

The actual game is 6'w x 3'd x 3'h.  It needs additional space behind for the blower and then your play space infront.  It comes with the hoops to play the game.

Hoop Zone Basketball

A very popular item in the hire kit, this hoop zone is a blow up basketball game.  It comes with the balls to try and get into the hoops.  It has a built in return so the balls come out at the bottom ready for another go.

This is a long and tall item, and needs more room then what you might think, so footprint of just the game with out blower is 6foot wide, 14foot deep and 16foot tall.

Charge people to play, run a leader board see who can get the most points, or play for fun.  This works for events and for fun at a private function.

Inflatable Velcro Darts

Our Velcro Dartboard makes for something different to the normal, this is such a great item and has enabled so much fun for many.

Set out just like a normal dart board with the one difference that it is 6foot diameter, and played with velcro disks.

Great for public and private events and fun for all ages this has a base footprint of 5 x 4foot and a total height of 8foot.

Bowling Alley

This bowling alley is great fun, it needs very flat ground but can work indoors and out.  With a set of pins at the end you can bring a bowling game to any location with suitable size and space.

This item is 5foot wide and 22foot long, and has the ability to offer many hours of fun.

Shooting Gallery

This is such fun for your event or private party, the balls (targets) simply float on the air turrets, where you can take aim and shoot them down.  The surround has a protection sheet which works both to catch the bullets and also to catch the balls.  Allowing you to simply reload and play again.

Penalty Shoot out

This blow up shoot out has a duel ability as an activity, you can book this as a penalty shoot out with the sheet attached trying to kick the ball through the holes and seeing who can get the best score, or it can also come as a blow up goal, and you can put your own goal keeper in and try to get your ball past a person.

Simply let me know which way you would like to book it.

Hook a Duck

This is a good old classic, go fishing and hook out a duck to win a prize.

We can provide two different set ups with this thou, we have the budget set up that needs no power, or you can book the pool with the ability to have the ducks swim round.

We sell prize packs as well so if you need them take a look at what we can offer you.

Delux set up to the left.....

Budget to the right....

Classic Hoopla

Good old classic, hire the platforms to put on your prizes and the rings to try and get over.  Get the ring over to win the prize.

Prizes available to buy should you wish to have them from us too.

Ball in the Bucket

Good old classic game, stand behind the line and throw the ball into the bucket, get it to stay in and win.

We have a few themes on this available so ask for the seasonal versions or have the normal one.

Roll a 10p

Good old classic skill game.

Choose your shot and roll your 10p down, if the coin lands in the box touching no lines you win what ever it says in the box, miss and touch a line on landing ansd loose the 10p.

Might be a classic and a simple game but is already proving to be such a popular one at any event, and many people have a few stray 10p's in the coins.

Splat the Rat

Good old classic skill game.

Grab a bat and brace yourself.  Try and splat the rat as it drops down the shoot.  How many can you splat and where will you catch them ? We recommend lower prizes for the tails, middle if they splat the bodys, and a grand or top prize if you can splat the head on each rat.

Lucky Dip

A very popular set up for the younger members of your day.

A chest loaded with paper bags full of all different prizes and goodies.  Order toys, sweets or a mix of both.  (we are always happy to bag you the prizes if different colour bags for boy/girl/sweets, to help children to choose something they will like)

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