All our Pinatas are supplied filled and ready to use.


We stock two different types of Pinatas, these being the traditional 'Bash' to open and 'Pull String' 


Bash are supplied with the 'bashing stick' and also the blindfold for the normal and traditional smashing time. 


Pull string are designed that the child can pull on the various strings and this then will open the pinata and reveal the goodies inside.  These are a much safer idea for the more zealous or younger child. Removing the chance to bash more then just the Pinata.

Our Pull Sting range of Pinatas are great for the younger child and over zealous, these open by pulling on the strings hanging donw, no need for blindfolds and sticks.

Pull String Range


Plus delivery

Pash Pinata

All our bash Pinatas come with a random picked stick and blindfold. Simply hang the pinata and allow the children to bash away.  We strongly advise continuous supervission keeping the children calm and safe.

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