Bouncy Castles

Low Wall Child only Castle

We have great low wall castle, this is a short height castle and suitable for indoor use only.  Being great for most community halls which have a low height roof.  The castle being just six foot tall is the same height as a normal door frame.  This really does fit so easy in a hall We had it made to the size so it fits into all the halls we know have space issues.  Please check the hall height if you want a taller castle.  We do know many of the Local halls and so might be able to advise.

This Low wall is a great castle for indoor with low ceilings, standing from floor to top at just 6foot.  Bright and colourful and pleasing to many children.  We can not put this castle outdoors it is indoor only.


plus delivery

Castle is 12 x 12 foot and 6 foot tall

(jump section is 12x8 foot)

Budget Child only Castle


plus delivery

These great castle's are our small child budget castle. Suitable for children only (under 12 years, depending on child build).  Can be outside or in your garden, or indoors in a hall. 

This castle is  12x12foot, and has a built in shower cover, we need height clearance of 10foot.

Child Theme Castles

plus delivery


This is our great range of 11x15 foot castles.  They are all 9foot 6 high, so we ask for 10foot clearance so thay have room to bounce with the kids on.

These are a great child castle, suitable for indoors and out, and have built in rain covers.  These castles come in a range of themes, plain like these pictures or in any of the themes we have in stock.  Currently our theme range includes: Avengers, Batman/Ironman, Baby animal Jungle, blue balloons, Christmas, Dinosaur, Emojo, firework celebrate, cbeebies, Disney Princess, Doc McStuffins, Farm, Football, Frozen, Happy Birthday, In the night Garden, Jungle, Lion King, Micky Mouse, Minecraft, Minions, Minnie Mouse, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Peguins of Madagascar, Peppa Pig, Pirate, Pixar Cars, Pokemon, Princess Pink & Silver, Secret life of pets, Shopkins, Simpsons, Sofia the First, Spiderman, Starts,  super hero, Thomas the tank engine, Trolls, Unicorns, yellow balloons, Young Unicorns

Combo Child Castles

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Combo Castle, these are great castles with a slide of the side.  These castles are 16x15foot castles and are 9'6 foot tall.  They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor hires, and have a built in raincover just in case of rain.  These like the 11x15's can be themed and have the same themes available as the other castles.

These are child only castles and are very popular, they book up quick.

Child Disco Castle


plus delivery

This child castle is 12x15foot, with a total height of 12foot.  Again as with our other castles it has a built in shower cover.  This is a Purple and Orange castle, has no artwork and can not be themed, but that is where this castle then changes from the others, in the light it looks like the top picture, however the bottom is the same castle just in the dark.

This is a Disco Castle, it comes with speakers and lights, which enable the children to have a disco inside the castle while they party and enjoy themselves.  The lights respond to the music being played.  Speed it up and slow it down simply by the music you play.  Volume is also controlled using the paired device.

The light and speakers are part of the hire price, however we do not provide the music, the unit is bluetooth enabled.  A bluetooth device such as a phone can be paired with it this then will play the music through the castle so you can play any music your child likes.  When we set up this castle we will ensure that your device is paired and working prior to leaving you to enjoy.

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