Soft Play

Soft play is great for the younger children.  The prices on these images are for if you are booking 'Just the Soft Play' they are subject to delivery charges depending on the location of your party.  Also if you are having a castle as well or any of the games it will go onto a package price giving you a little better total price. 

Our items are designed for an age range of 6months up, and although some things do go older mostly this is for the under 5years age range, the exceptions to this are stated in the written Paragraphs.  These include the Didicar and the inflatable ball pools.

Soft play always comes with mats, and we do all we can to keep the area soft and fun for the younger child.  Although all our items are cleaned regular in a cycle the soft play is cleaned much more and with Hospital grade cleaners to ensure that they are all safe and clean for the younger child to enjoy safley.

These are some of the soft play options that go out.

Please note mats colours might change, and the shapes are random picked.

Walk and Rides come in 4 colours, these being Pink, Purple, Blue and Green.  If you want set colours please ask otherwise they are picked at random.

Didicars are in 5 colours, these are Blue, Green, Pink, Purple & Red.  If you would like set colours please ask otherwise we will pick at random

Happy Hoppers are again picked at random, we have many different ones, some sets will have specific ones to it, but please feel free to ask if you do want specific ones to be included.

Mats & Shapes


plus delivery

Mats & Shapes is good for all ages in soft (under 5years) the wedges are good for babes who do not hold themself up too as they can lay on them and be part of the activities too.  The elephant is a great soft play slide, the child slides from the bottom down to the trunk.  (Slide can vary as can the shapes, if you want set ones please ask on booking)

Pool Mats & Shapes Basic


plus delivery

This great set up comes with the mats and shapes as on the previous one, also with the soft play slide, also a 4x4foot foam sided ball pool, it comes with all the balls needed to allow the children to enjoy their experiance playing with all these fun toys.

This is designed for under 3years old only. The ball pool is not rated for use by children of over this maximum age.

Soft Play

Each of these great set ups is suitable for under 3years.  The ball pool determins the age on these set ups.  They are great for each age under the maximum age, with the walk and rides in the top left which can encourage the children to not only ride about on them but also turning them round they become a very stable walker.

Walk and Rides are designed for the younger child, with a 360degree wheel on each leg, they go in any direction the child wants.

The rockers in the top right are more for the younger child, however we do have some for upto 3 years and allow a safe play area without the risk of being hit by the wheeled toys.  Lower left gives a mix of the walk and rinds and rockes but with the added happy hopper for a little more.


plus delivery


This next set up is also a fun one designed for the under 3year old to enjoy.

This set up comes with the customery mats, shapes, ball pool and slide. However to add to the enjoyment factor it also included 6 walk and rides and 4 happy hoppers.

Walk and rides are commercially designed to allow the child to use it as a walker or as a ride on, and is designed to grow with the child, so the younger can sit further forward to reach the floor and scoot themselves about.  As they get older the child can sit further back on the seat,  Walk and rides are rated for children upto 4 years old to enjoy.

The happy hoppers are like the old space hoppers, ecept these are animal shapes, with 4 legs for more stability, and removable covers allowing us to wash them for added hygine,


plus delivery

Inflatable Ball Pool Packages

Our inflatable ball pool opens the soft play up a little on ages, this pool can hold children upto 7years old.

Our pool can come in a mix of themes, please advise which pool you would like at the time of booking. 

Due to the age range these pools are for the themes are all very young in design.

Currently the choices are Junior Jungle, Farm and Jungle.  As more become available they will be added, if you have something you are seeking in particular please ask, we might be able to help.

Select the pool that you would like, Red & Blue pool is a little bigger at an external size of 7x8 foot.

The other pool choice is a mix up of colours and is 6x8foot external size.

plus delivery


plus delivery

Inflatable Surround Soft Play

Ball Pools also create many hours of fun.  Add it to a soft set up or have it with Castle or on its own.  We have a few great ones to choose from... All 6x8foot.  They always come with the balls in.

Junior Jungle

Jungle Pool

Plain Pool

Farm Pool

Soft Play Surrounds

Our Surrounds are great for the younger child to play in, always popular for the child and Parents.

If you have a mixed age party this is great to add in making the little ones have their own space away from the playful older child.  These are inflatable outside and come full of different toys.

12x12 foot with Built in Ball Pool

Jungle Surround

Farm Surround

Junior Surround

Farm Junior Jungle or Paw Patrol, this surround comes with a built i ball pool, a soft play slide, and some great bright coloured shapes. (shapes and slide can vary, if you want sometime in particular please ask)

17x18 foot Surround

This surround is great fun for the younger children.  It has nothing built in and can come with any soft play put in it, which makes it very open as to what it can come to the your day as.  This can also come to events with a range of toys for the younger child to play and enjoy the days events too.

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