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Our Gladiator Duel is a great fun piece of kit.  Everyone who hires it seems to like it very much.  This has been upgraded for this year, with a newer and much better one available very soon.  Comes with helmets and the pugil sticks for 2 players at a time.


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Gladiator Duel

Garden Slide

This we call our garden slide, although it can really go anywhere both to events and parties.  It really only has the name as it is a nice size and small enough for many gardens.

This has a base size of 20x14foot, with a height clearance needed of 15foot.

Although child only it give hours of fun to the younger people, it is also much easier to get up then the bigger one, and we generally find most children able to walk unaided can get up it with ease.

This amazing 35foot long bungee run is great fun for all, it comes with harnesses and bungees for both adult and child, also a set of velcro markers to see how far you can get along the lane, challenge your family or your friends and have a fun time no matter what your age.

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Bungee Run

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Big Slide

This is our Big Slide, it is a fair size piece of kit, and is rated for all ages to use including the adults.

This is a great item for people doing fairs and fundraising, but also is suitable for your party and celebrations.

This due to its size does need very good access, and we would like to be able to get the van as close to where you want it as possiable.

Including the safety space needed this is needing a space of 20foot wide and 30foot deep. This stands 20foot tall so will need clear heigh of this amount.


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Plus Delivery

25foot x 35 foot

Did you read it right?

Yes you did, we have an inflatable NightClub available for hire.

This is a great peace of kit, and is just what it says, this Nightclub is totally non age restricted, it has no bouncy base, going direct onto the ground.

Comes with the music and light unit which is a great bluetooth system allowing you to connect your own device and play anything suitable for your guests.  The lights respond to the music going through the unit.

This is a fairly big item, please ensure you have adequate space, the measurements includ the space needed around for safety,

This item unlike our normal inflatable hire includes an overnight on the price, this is set up later intot he day anytime from early afternoon on, we then collect it early morning, allowing you to party into the night in a private club.

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