Something Extra

Due to child protection rules and as we are a company that like to put your childs safety first we can not show pictures of children that have had their faces painted.

For this reason and also for training we have 'practice heads' made for the beauty industry to learn with, and great for us to also use.  So here are just a few things we have or can do on a childs face within the team who do this.

Please note, we use water based commercially approved face paints, these are hypoallergenic and safe for use on children and adults alike, however some people with sensitive skin can still reacte, we do all we can to ensure people are ok with what we use and we do refrain from all oil based and theatrical paints.

Glitter Tattoo's are growing in popularity, These are produced with a stencil we apply to the skin after we give the area a quick wipe.  We then fill the stencil with body grade glue and glitter.  These glitter tattoos can last upto 10days depending on how well it is done, and where it is put.  The child can still wash, bathe and swim as normal and not deminish form the lenght of time this can last.

Due to this many parents seem to be more happy with this as an option, and to ensure we cater for all, we have hundreds of desings and many colours, so we have something for the younger and more experianced in boys and girls.

Balloon Modelling is a great extra to a party, we can make many things and in a range of colours.  Children all end up with things to take home at the end of the day.  We make things to th childs requests and some of the things made are different and fun.

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