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How to Book

We try and make booking simple and easy for all, so you have a choice of methods:

Ring us: 01473 310939 answer phone in use if we are not about, and all messages returned. Also you can reach us on 07799 762472 or 07486 054208

Email us:

Text us: 07799 762472 or 07486 054208

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Once the details are taken the customer has entered into a contract, verbal or written and will be tied to our terms and conditions. We seek a non refundable deposit which acts as acknowledgement and confirmation of the booking. Please read this carefully, and should you be happy with it please pay the deposit fees to secure the booking.

Booking confirmations are emailed so please provide us an email address when booking, please check te confirmations over in case of any errors. Correcting them early saves disapointments later.


Hire time length

The price you see is 'Per Hire of up to 8 hours' This is to be contained fully within our hire day is from 8am-9pm or any part of that time, the price is the same if you hire the items for an hour or all day. 

We do offer later collections and also offer overnight hires subject to T&Cs and additional charges. We are happy to try and work with you for your needs especially with venues and celebrations and so if you have needs outside of the normal day please just ask. Times slots can fill fast, Priority is always given to time critical drops (ie halls and venues where people have set times to be in and out) then to the gardens after that. 

However when you book one of the normal things we ask is when your actual party is, this allows us to ensure that we are with you in good time, still trying to be at the time you would like.


Delivery Costs

Delivery costs are set depending on how far you are and how long it will take us to get to you, Please contact us to ask about the delivery charges for you. We base from IP1 to work pricing levels.


Deposit & Payments

All deposits paid are none refundable, if you cancel a booking for any reason other then bad weather the following terms will apply. More than 28 Days notice given – Loss of deposit only (20% of the booking value for hire goods, 50% for brought goods)

14 – 28 days notice given – a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hire fee will be due.

Under 14 days notice given – the full charge of the hire / sale fee will be due, if paid within 7 days of the cancellation date this will be reduced to 80% of the total value.

We can accept payments by the following methods:

Credit / Debit card, BACS transfer, or cash. (Please note we do not take cheques unless from schools / youth groups / local Authorities)

Should you be happy to continue with the booking please either call us on 01473 310939 with card details or make a bank transfer of 20% to Natwest account: Sort Code 53-61-24 ACC. 71771964 in reference please put the date of your booking and your last name.


Changing or canceling a booking

All deposits paid are none refundable, if you cancel a booking for any reason other then bad weather the following terms will apply

More then 28 Days notice given – Loss of deposit only (20% of the booking value for hire goods, 50% for brought goods)

14 – 28 days notice given – a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hire fee will be due.

Under 14 days notice given – the full charge of the hire / sale fee will be due, if paid within 7 days of the cancellation date this will be reduced to 80% of the total value.

To ammend your booking please contact us.  We charge no fee to change the booking, only charges incured will be relevant to the items ordered, ie increase should you go for something more expensive or reduce should it be a lower price item.  Unles you are changing 'sellables' ie the party supplies, if your change is under 7days untill your booking you will still be charged the 50% of items cancelled.


Best Price

We often get asked 'Is this the best price?'  'Can you do any cheaper for cash?'

The simple answer is, sorry but the price you see is the price it is. Sadly it will make no differance if you call, visit, message or email us. Our prices are set inline with the area, but also including the fact that we do run good quality fully insured, safety tested kit. 

Each hire puts money into the tests, insurance, repair fund, and then into the new kit, bills and improving the business, we try our best to keep everything up to a high standard, all items are cleaned regulary. None of this can be made any lower then it is set at.?


Weather Conditions

Due to safety outdoor hires can not take place in winds of over 24kph. We can return early to collect the castle if winds do exceed this and with no refund on hire costs.

Wet conditions: all our outdoor castles have the build in roof, should you have a shower please just towel over the castle and when dry the children can resume playing.

Please leave any inflatable blown up during the rain. The air in the castle stops the water getting in, this means it is safer and ready to use much quicker.

If we need to ask for the castle deflated we will call the customer. However should you have any question please call us, we are happy to help.

On hot days when the items are on hire, should you notice the mats heating up please flick them over, our mats are double sided. It is surprising sometimes how hot the mats can get. Please refrain from cooling them with water as this makes them dangerous.


School Youth club Rates

We know and understand that many schools, nursery's and youth clubs struggle as they do not get much funding and you often need to do things to boost your income such as fairs and fundraising activities. Also we acknowledge that you also try and do things for the children, which you have in higher numbers then most party bookings.

We therefore have rate that can be applied to schools, youth groups or nurserys. Please ask us for information. 

Please note this is only on packages and does not apply to a single item hired.


Over Night Hire

Overnight hire is available at a fee and subject to conditions.

Overnight hires must be into a secure location, ie your back garden. Overnight will never be permitted on the front garden, communial spaces, driveways or public venues, or any location easy to access.

The Overnight fee is £30. This will allow you to keep the hired items until 10am the next morning. If you wish to keep it longer then that you will be subject to another day rate.

On collection all overnight hires must be inflated.  We ask you to blow it back up as early as you can as this gives the items chance to dry from any night dew.  You can towel over the items if needed and the children can resume the fun until we do come.

The blowers and electrical parts are safe to be left out, we do fit covers should we know to expect some level of rain. When you have finished in the evening simply ensure all people are away from the kit items and switch them off at the plug, they will deflate safely to be left.  We ask please that games, be taken indoors or put in the shed / garage or other location under cover.  Mats can be left on the ground or hung over garden chairs or put in the shed / garage.  Please make no effort to disconnect the blower, or any other part of the kit.

Should you have question please call, or ask the set up team when they come at the start of the hire.


Charity events

We understand that charitys like to try and raise more funds holding fundays.  We are happy to help where we can. Sadly we do not ever do a 'free' castle.  Any request will always meet a negative responce.

However we do like to try and help if we can. As a company we do what we can to raise funds to help part cover a charity hire. This is only ever a part cost cover, and the funds used has a limit. It is normally best to get your booking in early, this means you will get better chance of some reductions on the costs, also it gives the chance for you to also book the most popular kit, or the things that will give you the best chance of higher returns.

We are happy to advise you on what might be the best options for you.

Also ask us about running the kit for your event, this is another option for your day.


Staffing events

We can staff and run an event with various options and terms to you as the organiser and also to us for the costs for all the kit.

Our staff can be hired for the event if you wish to have them run the kit for you. Please ask for your needs.

Events with us to attend and run the kit charging for the use and donating back to you is an option we do run, for more information and to discuss your needs please contact Shelly or David.

Our personal company policy is we have a single manned event running a day, and this does book up fairly fast especially for the summer, if youa re looking for this option please make contact with us as soon as you can, then we can book you in.


Insurance, Safety tests, Risk Assessments, DBS

We hold Public Liability Insurance to meet the levels set for our industry, this can be viewed upon request, and also copies can be sent to venues if required, please obtain the email address and contact name for who you need it sent too.

Pat Testing and Safety testing is all completed at the correct times for the kit.  All items have the yearly checks and certificates are held and available to view.  They also have regular checks in between the annual checks.  Our electrical items are checked each hire and the inflatables are also checked each hire. Also we deep clean as often as they need, with touch up cleaning each hire. During deep cleans we also will just check the kit for any issues.  Should something happen to an item of kit we will pull it out of hires to get the problem sorted. Should you notice something that causes you concern please let us know, this enables us to get it checked and sorted if required.

Risk Assessments are available for each kit item type, should you need to view them please ask, you will be provided with the ones for what you have booked, however please note these are a general one as without knowing the individual location I can not provide you with an advanced one for your location. We do carry out on the stop assessments on each and every set up.

As an industry we do not have to obtain DBS checks, However as a company we do obtain them. We carry out enhanced DBS for child related work on all staff, and hold the valid certificates on file. Should we be attending a location that you need to view them please inform Shelly or David on booking, we can either bring the certificates with us or they can be emailed to you prior to the day. I try not to send them to far in advance as sometimes the staff attending can change.


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